Publications & Reporting

Magnolia Consulting team members know the powerful role that study findings can play in decision making for program developers, funders, service providers, policymakers, and practitioners. With this in mind, we provide clients with effective communication tools to promote knowledge utilization and dissemination, such as reader-friendly technical reports, infographics, dashboard reports, and information maps. We believe strongly these tools cultivate learning and positive change for our clients as well as the audiences they serve.

“Our research team has been very impressed with the professionalism, commitment, and especially the rich collegial collaboration that Magnolia Consulting has brought to each of the randomized, control trial efficacy studies completed for National Geographic School Publishing in the past two years. In addition to working with us to design cost-effective, yet rigorous studies, Dr. Stephanie Baird Wilkerson and her knowledgeable team have been highly collaborative in working with us to create/adapt powerful data collection tools that ensure teachers’ study logs and classroom observations capture evidence of effective program implementation. Our team uses this valuable information to support customers as they implement new programs beyond the study. Magnolia Consulting is a true vanguard when it comes to providing ongoing and open communication, collegial collaboration, attention to detail, and useful study results.”
National Geographic Learning Research Team

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