We help you communicate a powerful message.

Infographics provide an opportunity to present information in a visually-appealing, easy-to-understand format. Our team has extensive experience in applying best practices in developing infographics for research and evaluation.

We offer one-time consultations, half-day, and full-day customized workshops delivered online or in-person. Through our workshops you can learn:

  • Why infographics are an effective communication tool
  • Tools and resources to help you develop an infographic
  • What makes a high-quality infographic
  • How to identify your infographic’s audience, purpose, and story
  • How to determine what data and visuals will best convey your message
  • Basic and intermediate design skills for constructing infographics

Access our infographics tools and resources below:

Hear what past participants have to say about our workshops:

“This was an absolutely brilliant workshop. I learned so much and really appreciated your pacing and the continuity and connection between sections.”

“Having a process for planning out and designing an infographic is incredibly useful.”

“I feel less overwhelmed by infographics and will actually attempt to make them now!”

“This workshop was one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended!”

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