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Through her book, 10 Steps to Creating an Infographic: A Practical Guide for Non-Designers, Stephanie Wilkerson outlines a user-friendly process for developing high-quality infographics with a clearly-defined purpose and powerful message.

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Key Features

  • The book’s “how-to” approach makes infographic creation accessible for anyone who doesn’t have a background in graphic
    design or a budget for a graphic designer.
  • Breaks down the complex task into a series of steps and models each step through a book-long example of the evolution of an infographic.
  • Examples provide best practices and tips, as well as guidance for avoiding design pitfalls.
  • Includes a Checklist for Reviewing Infographics that captures best practices.


We offer highly interactive and engaging workshops on based on the book, 10 Steps to Creating an Infographic. Level 1: Infographic Fundamentals builds your conceptual and technical foundation followed by Level 2: 10-Steps to Creating an Infographic, which applies the steps to developing an infographic. We also offer one-time consultations as well as half-day and full-day customized workshops delivered online or in-person for organizations.

Level I:

Infographic Fundamentals

Infographic Fundamental Workshop

Curious about creating infographics, but don’t know where to begin?

Join us for our Infographic Fundamentals workshop. Led by Dr. Stephanie B. Wilkerson, an internationally-recognized infographic expert, this virtual workshop will teach you how to:

  1. Identify and apply infographic best practices.
  2. Access tools and resources for creating engaging infographics.
  3. Learn basic technical design skills for developing an infographic.

Attendees will walk away from this highly engaging and interactive 3-hour workshop with tools and resources to start creating infographics.

BONUS! Participants will receive our list of Infographic Tools and Resources at no additional cost.

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Price: $99.00

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Level II:

10 Steps to Creating an Infographic

Are you ready to apply infographic fundamentals to an effective step-by-step process?

If you’ve taken our Infographic Fundamentals course, you are ready for the next course in our workshop series: 10-Steps to Creating an Infographic. In this 3-hour workshop you will:

  1. Deepen your understanding of a systematic process for creating an infographic that beginners and experts can use.
  2. Apply design skills and tools from the Infographic Fundamentals workshop to building an infographic.
  3. Engage in a fun and well-supported creative design process with your peers.

BONUS! Participants will receive our 10-Step Infographic Design Workbook, which is an invaluable resource for creating any infographic with ease.

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Price: $149.00

Prerequisite: Infographic Fundamentals workshop

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Infographic Fundamentals

10 Steps to Creating an Infographic

Early spring 2024 dates: TBD Early spring 2024 dates: TBD

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“This was an absolutely brilliant workshop. I learned so much and really appreciated your pacing and the continuity and connection between sections.”

“Having a process for planning out and designing an infographic is incredibly useful.”

“I feel less overwhelmed by infographics and will actually attempt to make them now!”

“This workshop was one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended!”

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