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Magnolia Consulting offers workshops, webinars, and ongoing consulting on the tools and resources below.

Guide to using the Teacher Data Use Survey.

Teacher Data Use Survey (TDUS)

Use the TDUS to understand how your teachers use data, their attitudes toward data, and the supports that help them use data. We help schools and districts to customize and administer the TDUS and to analyze and communicate TDUS results.


Improve information utilization by presenting research and evaluation findings visually and by tailoring visualizations to intended audiences. Access our infographics tools and resources below:

10 Steps to Creating an Infographic.
Innovation Configuration for Collaborative Inquiry Example

What Is an Innovation Configuration Map?

Example of an Innovation Configuration Map

Innovation Configuration Maps

Successfully implement new education initiatives with the help of Innovation Configuration (IC) Maps. When charged with implementing a new initiative, educators often have differing ideas of what the initiative is and what it looks like in practice. This can lead to disparate forms of implementation that do not reach the goal of improved teaching and learning.

An IC Map is a road map that defines a continuum of practices educators can use to progress from less-than-ideal to ideal implementation of an education initiative. Learn more about IC Maps through the following videos:

“As a community-based non-profit striving to make life-long change in the lives of the teenagers we serve, it's essential that we understand the impact of our efforts. In addition to helping us significantly improve our annual impact assessment, Magnolia Consulting also designed and executed an alumni impact study, measuring the impact of our work over 20 years of program alumni. The insights yielded by this study have been extremely valuable both in informing programmatic improvements and also convincing donors and other stakeholders of the value of our work. Throughout the last few years working together, the Magnolia team has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and been incredibly flexible as our needs have evolved. We're grateful to have found such a skilled and dedicated partner in this important aspect of our work.”
Ben Clark
Executive Director
Cambridge Community Services

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