Our Process

Building a Foundation
  • Identify information priorities and needs
  • Clarify program components and link them to intended results
  • Define anticipated outcomes and goals
  • Select appropriate, innovative, and rigorous methods and measures
Designing for Sustainability
  • Contribute to a research base for broad audiences
  • Utilize dissemination mechanisms with proven effectiveness
  • Scale-up implementation with different target audiences and settings
  • Plan for integration of evaluation as part of continuous learning cycle
Deepening Understanding
  • Understand the effectiveness of programs, products, and services
  • Reflect on what interventions work, how they work, and why they work
  • Know how to make sound and appropriate mid-course corrections
  • Create feedback loops and continual-learning infrastructures
Reaching the Goal
  • Improve programs, products, and services
  • Report outcomes and impacts
  • Meet the needs of target audiences
  • Guide decision making for strategic planning and development

Why you need us.

By working with Magnolia Consulting, you will be able to:
  • Improve your programs, products, and services with data-driven formative feedback to guide modifications and decision-making
  • Present your funders and stakeholders with rigorous evidence of impacts
  • Develop competitive proposals with a clearly articulated evaluation plan
  • Clarify your program goals and outcomes through logic model development
We will provide you with scientifically-based results to help you make data-driven decisions about your programs. We:
  • tailor our services and study designs to meet your specific needs
  • design the most comprehensive study possible within your budget
  • communicate with clients in a timely and responsive matter
  • provide independent, objective, and relevant reporting
“I hired Magnolia Consulting to conduct an evaluation of NASA’s “Space School Musical,” an innovative program to engage young learners in STEM through music, dance and the arts. Over three years’ time, my collaborator conducted dozens of professional development trainings for nearly 3,000 facilitators on using the musical with their students. My goal for the evaluation was to assess the quality and utility of the professional development sessions and to understand perceptions about the program and its activities, ease of implementation, program strengths, and student impacts.
Magnolia carried out a year-long effort during the 2nd year of program implementation. I greatly enjoyed working with their team and having access to their expertise in research and evaluation. I was very pleased with their approach to the project. Their work is thoughtful, thorough, skillful and straightforward. They used a variety of methods to obtain the information and produced a report that conveyed the results in a multitude of ways, making it comprehensive and coherent. The findings were quite gratifying, so that adds to my satisfaction as well! I highly recommend Magnolia’s team of consultants, they are a pleasure to work with.”
Shari Asplund
Education and Communications Manager
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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